Literally, just before Christmas someone dear was injured and went into hospital (all is well now!!), so as you can imagine things were a little frantic, unknown, worrisome and full-on, especially considering Christmas was only a few days away, my diary was fully booked and holidays were on the horizon.

Because of the circumstance the usual boxing day ‘take off to freedom’ didn’t happen until later, meaning I was at home (rather than in the big wide world) between hospital visits and this is where the learnings all came about.

What was interesting at the time, was that I WAS ON HOLIDAYS (and should’ve be pretty darn content with that) and my body felt like it was relaxing and recharging but my mind wasn’t following the pattern. It made me feel very frustrated, have itchy feet and slightly irritable – on edge more so – and knowing this made me feel even worse. All the mindfulness, breathing and walks in the park didn’t help and my go-to-people were on holidays. I struggled to know what to do.

It was here I learned the importance and intertwining of the mind and body connection. To truly unwind and take a break you need not only your body to be doing something different and relaxing but also your mind to have space and slow down. Ultimately, the mind needs to disconnect and just because you are on ‘holidays’ does not mean you are taking advantage of the occasion.

Months before I’d booked and paid for camping during the holidays and finally it had come!! I was hanging out for this total and complete time-out where I knew I’d recharge entirely. And that’s exactly what happened.

If you were fortunate enough to have time off, reflect… did you really have a break or just go through the motions? What has happened in the past with your break? I’d love to hear what you got up to, let me know 😊