What’s that gurgling?

gurglingDon’t be embarrassed! A gurgling tummy during a treatment is very normal (and such a pleasant sound to the Therapist!). It may not be that you’ve just eaten or are hungry, but that you are RELAXED. The body is such an amazing piece of work! Here’s why…

Our bodies’ nervous system elicits two responses – sympathetic and parasympathetic. Majority of the time we live with a sympathetic response also known as fight or flight. This is the stressed state in which the body is ready to do something, hear something, run away from danger and be on edge to cope with whatever may be coming.

Ideally, we want to live in a more parasympathetic response, also known as rest and digest. As it hints, this is where our body and mind are relaxed, there is no great rush of blood to the limbs instead it flows to the internal organs, blood pressure and cortisol (the stress hormone) is lowered, the immune system is supported and your body has a chance to heal.

There are many signs that your body has entered this relaxed state on the massage table, a gurgling tummy being one of them! Other signs include: a sigh or yawn, falling asleep, drooling and a peaceful presence.

No need to be embarrassed about your tummy doing what it knows best!