The image of an empty skip bin sitting in a driveway may not look like much, but to me it represents quite a lot – Opportunity, Freedom, Clarity, Control, Purpose.

Since about Christmas 2019, I’ve been on a decluttering journey and in no way am I a minimalist or decluttering every week! There just comes a time when the accumulated stuff needs to go, for sanity sake.

It all started with needing new carpet. Which you can appreciate is a huge job – sifting, sorting, moving furniture – before the carpet even gets to the house! Two people’s decades worth of stuff. Things long forgotten, things you didn’t know you had, things that somehow you have but belong to others (what the?). And then the heavy and serious questions: do I need this? does it bring me joy? does it have use?

I had no idea how much joy a home with less stuff could bring to one’s life! A home that has things you LOVE or has PURPOSE. There’s no longer clutter, meaning I’m not overstimulating my brain with seeing things everywhere. It’s decreased stress and anxiety, increased the ability to think more clearly (most of the time ;)) and the home is now a relaxing space to be. Huge bonus with cleaning becoming way more efficient (no more moving stuff from one location to another)!

That was a year and half ago. Enter skip bin… It’s time for the outside.

Just the idea and the ability of throwing things out is RIDICULOUSLY cleansing and cathartic. It cleans the internal cobwebs, throws the physical/visual stuff away but also, throws away the internal rubbish too. Leaving a full and open heart and mind ready to thrive in the world. It’s crazy and scary to realise how much your stuff actually weighs you down without noticing.

A skip bin represents:


  • To cleanse & release the physical, mental and emotional.
  • Throw out baggage literally and metaphorically.
  • Open up space so the area looks more pleasing (because it’s not cluttered), can be better organised (less stress in finding things) and invites new ways or items that bring happiness, purpose and joy.
  • Open and allow creativity
  • Increase motivation


  • No longer trapped by stuff surrounding a space and numbing and/or over stimulating the brain
  • The cathartic process of decluttering and throwing things away brings a sense of freedom
  • No longer bound by meaningless and un-useful items
  • To create a new way and form new healthy habits
  • Less clutter equals more clarity of mind and less overbearing thoughts

Control and Purpose

Recently I read an article outlining various ways the pandemic has affected many lives physically, emotionally, financially and mentally. One point that resonated was about how factors such as: losing jobs, restrictions squashing our usual social and living norms, pretty much an upheaval of society as we know it, has created, for some, a sense of losing control and perhaps purpose too. Therefore adding stress, anxiety and other pressures one wouldn’t usually have, or increasing the mental health conditions that were previously there.

The article suggested that amongst the upheaval we look to find ways of taking back control and finding purpose, potentially through…..decluttering/organising/sorting/cleaning etc.. If decluttering isn’t your jive then perhaps try search for a new purpose within the realms of what is acceptable for the short-term while in lockdown.

Chipping away on the home front has helped keep me from losing my marbles whilst the clinic has been forced to close. Initially I thought my work to do list (all the non-hands-on stuff) would be smashed through, but it’s been difficult to muster the motivation for that list, if I’m honest. Instead I’ve found purpose, desire and some joy from the home to do list; and after some internal deliberation, I’m ok with that, if it’s what will get me through these weeks.

If you’re looking for opportunity, control or purpose right now, get yourself a bin (even the regular bin) and open up opportunity.