A long time ago, I gave up on this “New Year Resolution/New You/Goals To Achieve” bs, as all it did was create overwhelm and stress. I felt the goals had to be achieved NOW which created the stress and when the goals weren’t achieved/boredom/decided it wasn’t right or something else came along, golly, I was then a failure. Gut-wrenching stress and pain. I’m fairly certain we’ve all been here at least once in our lifetime.

So much pressure one simply doesn’t need to put on themselves in a world full of enough external pressures (kids, bosses, workloads, the state of the planet, etc.). I decided to give that idea up and see the new year as a continuation. Not something new or beginning.

What if those goals weren’t achieved last year? I fail and then what for this year? Start with a new empty goal?

No. Let’s continue on from just the other month and keep going with whatever [insert thing/goal/achievement/habit] it is being worked towards. Don’t like that thing any longer? Change it… no strings attached, no failure just experience and learnings.

This is only how my brain works and is impacted by the new year concept. Maybe you thrive in the initiative and as such, my hat goes off to you! Onwards and upwards!

However, if your brain works like mine, take comfort in knowing you aren’t alone and it’s ok not to go whiz-bang for new year ambitions.

Recently, a client came in and the timing couldn’t have been better! This blog was being drafted when Ms B mentioned her past experiences of New Year Resolutions and how usually they were a disaster. But this year Ms B was feeling very optimistic and enthusiastic after watching this You Tube clip, suggesting to create a ‘Theme Year’ rather than a single goal. Something like Year of Health, where you work towards being healthy rather than loosing 10kgs.

I was intrigued and asked for the link and fell in love. It’s one of the best explanations of how our brain works (or doesn’t work) with making change and continuing to improve ourselves, without causing stress – which generally is the reason we give up. If you’re one of us who squirms at the thought of New Year Resolutions but are keen to make changes in your world, watch this vid, it’s one of the best 6 minutes you’ll spend on yourself.