This last month has been challenging which left me totally exhausted at the end of last week. There’s been training days, I came down with a flu-like sickness, family stuff which lead to family from country and interstate staying with us, cooking, organising, orchestrating, coming, going… did I mention the unrelenting anxiety I experienced also? And with this still had clients to attend (and the fur-baby), run a business and get shit done. It was tough Adulting, so I checked out.

There was no way I could continue with that exhaustion and state of mind and actually be productive, a business person, a therapist, fully functioning and be there for family when it was needed, so literally I did NOTHING. Ignored the dishes and the cleaning, answering calls and all the other doings. Instead had dog training, was invited out for lunch (thanks Mish!) and then sat on the couch ALL-DAY-LONG, bingeing on Game Of Thrones, eating junk and drinking tea.

It was SENSATIONAL! And this week? Well, all that stuff from last week is still going on but I’m different. I’ve had a chance to recharge so feeling calm and at ease with whatever life throws; the logical thinker is back (rather than that crazy emotional chick :p); a sense of zen and no anxiety (hurrah!). Without this tiny moment of nothing-ness who knows what state you’d find me in right now and how on earth I’d keep going.

But why do I share my story? Because at some point in life, it’s going to get too much and you’re going to want to check out of Adulting too. I’m pretty certain you’ve already experienced it (multiple times) and what did you do? Push through to find even more overwhelm, more emotional outbursts, even less time than you had before, things going wrong every way you looked and a body that was sore and fatigued?

It’s time to STOP that. I give you permission to check out of Adulting when it gets too much and DO NOTHING. Being ‘busy’ is overrated and seriously no good for your health. Permission granted.