Massage can help your workout!


Exercising is great! We feel good, strong and fit. But sometimes we also feel sore and stiff. Massage can overcome many barriers with exercise and also help with your general well being. It’s not just elite athletes who can gain benefits from regular massage, but everyone.

When we exercise we are constantly contracting or shortening muscles. This actually decreases flexibility in our muscles and joints and leads to a feeling of being tight or stiff. Muscles, like ourselves, also become tired and fatigued from use. If they are not working at their optimum, training is compromised, results are harder to achieve and the body is working harder than is necessary. It’s more likely that injury will occur too.

We can also experience Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (D.O.M.S.). This occurs between 24 and 48 hours after exercise. The muscles have actually been overused or overstretched and have tiny tissue damage. The body’s natural inflammatory response kicks in to heal the affected areas causing pain, stiffness and a decrease in muscle strength.

Massage helps to relax and stretch muscles. It promotes circulation which allows fresh nutrients and other vital substances to tissues. Lactic acid, inflammation/swelling and other toxins are removed by this increased circulation. Massage reduces adhesions and muscle tightening, which is a preventative to injury. The body is able to train more effectively, with greater intensity and endurance.

Ultimately, massage gives you increased flexibility, decreased pain and tightness, and optimal body functioning to get through your training and everyday living. You get all these benefits as well as it feeling good during and after your treatment!