I don’t know about you, but winter can get to me where I start to feel a little of the Winter Blues; unmotivated, a little melancholy and struggle to get started with the day. Actually, my dog looks at me and to be honest I just want to stay home and cuddle him some days.

But what I’ve noticed this year, out on my walks (insert great reason for dog companion) and even making the journey from car to clinic, is that even if the sky is shaded with a dark and murky grey, even if the reflection of water is that same glum shade, there’s colour and sprite-ness everywhere to be seen. And this ever so small and seemingly insignificant flash of colour, can pull me out of the Sads, make me smile and grateful to be healthy and living; even if it is 2 degrees and so foggy vision is impaired.

Those glorious days where the sun shows it’s bright beauty, they’re not those winter blue feeling days. So it’s important to look out the window OFTEN, have lunch outside, breathe in the sun to bring some sparkle inside the soul.

And on those walks – gum trees with little pink flowers blooming like tentacles, a plethora of green hues, lorikeets bursting with freshness from the trees above, fungi squeezing from the earth and crevices and gardens with multicoloured plants.

It may seem gloomy as we head further into winter, but take a deeper look… there’s many things surrounding us, urging us to keep going and help us get through those Winter Blues.

What colour will you find this weekend to help make it a good one?