Are you experiencing unusual and random cramping?

It’s something that comes up pretty often in clinic.When clients complain about cramping, I always ask the question: how much water are you drinking? Especially in winter,we often tend to drink less water and we are constantly in hot places like cars, houses, showers, workplace etc. Thus, most of the time we’re dehydrated.

If you are frequently experiencing cramps, the number one go-to solution is water. Our body is sixty (60) percent water so we definitely need to be hydrated.

Here are 2 easy tips so you can make sure you’re drinking enough water

1. Drink water in the morning. I often start my day with lemon water and then two or three glasses. So already, we’re getting six to eight hundred milliliters of water. Almost half of what our bodies require for a day.

2. Carry a bottle of water with you. Having a bottle with you means that you’re always thinking about water and having sips throughout the day. That’s going to help keep you hydrated. If you’re a desk worker, have water on your desk with you. If you’re a tradie, put it next to your tool box. Keep a bottle in the car.When you jump in the car, you’re going to see the bottle and have a sip.

There are numerous benefits from drinking water. It’s such an important player in our body functioning well, especially cramping.

If water isn’t helping you getting rid those cramps, there are other easy ways to manage this painful problem:

• Massage and Bowen Therapy is really helpful for cramping. Both create circulation and loosen up any overly tight muscles, which can lead to muscle spasms (cramps).

• Magnesium – is a very useful mineral which is known to be a muscle relaxant. A deficiency of this important mineral in the body can also be a cause of cramping.
There may be other factors contributing to the experience of cramping, but generally taking action on these tips is a great starting point! If cramping does continue, please speak with your health practitioner.