What’s That Gurgling?

What’s that gurgling? Don’t be embarrassed! A gurgling tummy during a treatment is very normal (and such a pleasant sound to the Therapist!). It may not be that you’ve just eaten or are hungry, but that you are RELAXED. The body is such an amazing piece of work!...

Massage and Workout

Massage can help your workout!   Exercising is great! We feel good, strong and fit. But sometimes we also feel sore and stiff. Massage can overcome many barriers with exercise and also help with your general well being. It’s not just elite athletes who can gain...


Are you experiencing unusual and random cramping? It’s something that comes up pretty often in clinic.When clients complain about cramping, I always ask the question: how much water are you drinking? Especially in winter,we often tend to drink less water and we are...


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