We believe in freedom, happiness and empowerment. We believe our purpose is
to help you move from pain – physical, mental, emotional – to a place of pain-free
living where you can thrive in self, life and community.

We do this by inviting you to a safe and
beautiful space where you can let go, heal,
and rejuvenate. When people are functioning
at their optimal they feel
generous, energetic, full of life and love,
totally free, friendly, inspired, oozing with
goodness and then this spreads and makes
the world a better place.
We believe with knowledge and
empowerment, we can all have happiness
and health… and we deserve it!

Kellie-Anne Battaglia
Founder and Soft Tissue Therapist

I’m a believer that if we feel good – physically, emotionally and mentally – we can live our lives to the fullest with peace, balance and greater ease. When we feel our best we naturally evoke good vibes to everyone around us (family, friends, colleagues, the checkout chick) being generous, kind and loving and this is contagious!

13 years ago I was unsure of why I didn’t feel awesome every day. Anxiety was a problem, self-confidence was pretty low, clarity lacked and lethargy was common. Enter Shiatsu and Reiki. Discovering these two modalities kick-started my curiosity, inspiration and journey to health, wellness and my business. I now knew my purpose was to help people feel awesome and live pain-free.

It wasn’t until learning Massage that I realised what poor state my body was in (we don’t know, what we don’t know, right?). Lower back ache is not normal, a sporting injury should be looked at by a professional bodyworker and yes, my leg was weird. What a relief to find an answer and even better, a way to actually feel functional and enhanced!

Years later I thought there must be something else to help do more for myself and others. Enter Bowen and Emmett. Wow! How my body felt and worked after this experience stirred the knowledge juices and I had to learn these skills too.

What is most awesome about Reiki, Bowen, Massage, Ear Candling, Lymphatic Stimulation and Emmett, is they all complement each other to bring about the best balance and optimum function for every body.

For the last decade it’s been my mission to bring this to the world so people can live pain free and be the full expression of themselves.

We create a peaceful and safe space where people have the freedom to let go and be themselves. Through compassion, understanding, listening and integrating modalities of Reiki, Massage and Bowen, the body, mind and soul has a chance to restore, refresh and heal.

Inspiration and empowerment for great living is given with education and tools, so that people can learn to manage pain throughout their lives. Once again the soul has a voice that can be heard, people are connected to their entire selves again – happy, peaceful and balanced.

We listen to your concerns and provide you with
knowledge about your body in a language you understand



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    © 2016 Fuel Your Facility. All Rights Reserved.